Apr 6, 2010

Howard Drive Chronicles Part II

Remember my downstairs neighbor? Well she seems to be getting to a lot of people.

Easter Sunday my bro and I are walking in from the laundry mat when we see this guy standing on the steps that lead to our door (There are 2 doors there - one for us and crazy neighbor, and one for the apartment beside us upstairs or the one beside my crazy downstairs neighbor). We assume he's from one of the apartments beside us. He says hi so we smile and say hi in response. Then he says, "your downstairs neighbor is driving me crazy." So I say, "I'm not surprised." I'm thinking she yelled at him or threatened to call the cops or something. She seems to like to do that. Then he goes, "she's my son's mother." Oh. Uncomfortable pause and side glance at the bro. He then says, "she makes me so mad sometimes I just wanna kill her." OH! I say, "you shouldn't let her get to you...enjoy your day." I grab for keys to open my apartment door now (Can you imagine keys wouldn't come out of the darn front door?? I do not want to be a witness). He steps back into my line of vision and goes, "she ruined my Easter service high"...guess he just got in from church. So I say, "don't let her do that...just have a good day anyhow."

Later I'm sharing the story with Raf and he tells me the guy lives right beside the crazy neighbor and he just thought she was babysitting his son. I'm like, nope. She's the mother of his son. & he really doesn't seem to get along with her. Here's to hoping they stay on each other's right side. Cause I don't need any drama under our apartment.


  1. My downstairs neighbor is quite an adventure...I'm giving this place 2 yrs, tops. With that lady downstairs, I shall be itching to move.