Apr 6, 2010

Who's smokin the strong stuff today? Spirit

Spirit Airlines must be high and completely out of it.

They will now be charging customers for carry on luggage. Yea, carry on. The CEO claims it is to give the customer more choices. Now we, the consumer (I should change that because I will never know what it is to fly Spirit now) can do what's best for us *spits up water* Yea, because before we weren't sure what to do with our carry on luggage. Now that we have to pay for it, we'll definitely have more choice. Follow his logic? No? Me either.

Good thing is we still get to put stuff under the seat in front of us for free. For now. Oh! & to tickle your fancy you can bring an umbrella for freeeeeeeee! Baby luggage is still free (strollers, car seats, and diaper bags). Of course, only one of those things ever gets placed in the overhead compartment but whatever.

I can't wait to see what's next. Not.

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-Thanks Ren for the heads up. You know what will get my goat.


  1. Girl I'm start traveling with just a purse full of money. When they ask me why i'm traveling for two weeks with no luggage. I'm say to hell with you all and I rather use my money to buy clothes when I get there

  2. Great idea! With the paying for checked luggage and now carry on, I won't have any money left to spend where I'm going. I'd rather spend my money on new clothes than pay to carry old stuff.

  3. I heard about this on the radio. Outrageous. Soon enough flying will be only for the rich, as it used to be, if they continue adding all the insane fees.

  4. Vacation destinations will be increasingly closer to home