Apr 18, 2010

sweet sundays: growing older

This weekend we celebrated Keri's birthday. She's all of 27 (yes, I put her on blast...she doesn't look it so she won't mind). We went to church, then had lunch, and then followed that up with a visit to a club. Yes, a club. Does that make any sense:? None at all, & since I'm a sensible girl, it won't happen again. I mean, it's about time I walk the walk, huh? Well, it wasn't supposed to be a club but it turned out to be one and what was I to do? Just say no :) But it's my LeeLee (soft spot). Anyhoo, we had fun hanging with each other (& can I insert some sop here? I'm glad my hussy's my dance partner for life - nothing makes a woman feel better than a sweet guy and he was oh, so sweet yesterday and last night. K, so back to regularly scheduled program). It was a bunch of her friends from high school, college, and med school. She looked hot, she had fun, and that's what matters at the moment. Oh! & she looked fab doing it!
I wish you could see the shoes but alas, such is life.

What's so good about growing older? Each day we grow older is a blessing...some people stay young (a.k.a. don't age. a.k.a. die). What's even better? Growing older as friends.
Happy Birthday my darling friend & sister