May 3, 2010

Day 1

Ready Vicky???

LOL. Okay, we're off! It's day 1 of our May challenge. For the month of May, we are doing a modified special K diet and exercise (3 times per week) regimen to lose weight and tone our bodies.

What's a modified special k?

*One healthy correctly portioned meal for lunch/dinner
*Two Special k (cereal or shake)/cornflakes/oatmeal/healthy low calorie meals per day
*Healthy snacks throughout the day
*Plenty water
*Little to no sugar

There you have it. So every Monday morning, I'll weigh in and update my ticker (see below & on side bar). School is out and I have no reason to not be able to do this challenge successfully. I don't really need to lose 20lbs (more 15) but if I do, that gives me room to expand (teehee).