Jul 26, 2010

New definition & other tidbits

I'm reading a novel something blue. It isn't about cheating, it's akin to a chick flick but it had a good definition I want to share with you all:

There's a threshold test for someone's actions to see if it could be considered cheating...if your partner could see a video of the event, would he or she think you had cheated? Or if you could see a video of your partner in the identical situation, would you think he or she had cheated?

Thanks Emily Giffin.

Anyhoo, I'm loving summer. I haven't been blogging but it isn't because I'm not doing anything. Some of the stuff I'm doing is private, some is boring, some is fun but then I forget to share (better known as laziness).

I'll share some of the fun stuff from this past weekend...so I had arepas & roasted corn yesterday at the NYC street fair. I love love love the street fairs. I have to go back with approx $100 the next time...there's a bunch of crap there with my name on it...jewelry, dresses, graphic tees, Egyptian cotton sheets, & I could go on and on. Went with K, and my bil's gf, Ni. We already have plans to go back. The night before I tried to make it to see Alvin Ailey in Central Park. Didn't really work out. Yea, thanks to men dragging their feet. We'll be going back to CP in 2 Saturdays to see the Clarke Sister's and Kiki Sheard (with picnic in tow!!!). There's a ton of fun & free things to do in NYC during the summer. I'm glad I have no classes (even tho I'll be paying for this freedom come September).

I also got a hair cut. Not much tho. I've been growing my hair but it needed some shape so my stylist (who I love) took a tiny bit off - like an inch or a little more. What do I think of the cut? No clue. It was so hot it died so I never saw it. Maybe in 2 weeks when I get my creamy crack, I'll make it straight again. Straight hair in the summer is really stupid.

I have dates in mind for my summer time off. Plan to put in for the days this week (yay!!!).

One major regret is I haven't been spending enough time in B&N. I just don't know how that happened. I'll be rectifying that this week/end. Maybe tonight.

One huge improvement in my life? I have been doing my daily devotion & prayer first thing each morning. Now, try as I might, this has been one of the hardest things to keep at. Now that I'm doing it again, I think I would have to not wake up to miss it (yes, it is that serious and necessary). One, it keeps me on my toes (someone is always trying to get me to lose myself lol). Two, it is refreshing. Three, it is necessary. This isn't my lesson study for all you SDAs...that's something else I need to work on. This is literally just a little time with Jesus to tell him what going on & He's making everything ALL right *wink*

On another note. I know I always need prayer. & I know we aught to take the big things to God but I am certain he wants to know about the little things too. On that note, I have prayer requests I would like to share. First is for a lovely late summer/fall vacation and second is for 2 weeks in Jamaica for Christmas. The rest I need to talk to God personally about but these 2 y'all could tack them to the end of your lists please :)

Fountain, Lincoln Center.