Feb 2, 2010

my secret job, fashion critic

Unfortunately I haven't the dough to deck myself out as I would like but my sis, Ren and I love fashion (we even still have our 13 plus year old fashion dreams that I won't divulge as we still are planning to make a go at it *blush*). Anyhoo, we bbm, IM, or talk our way through the major red carpet events, critiquing make up, hair styles, shoes, and clothing....we have similar tastes but Ren's a bit more adventurous.

These are my favorite looks from the past weekend's Grammy Awards. The color and cut of these dresses are lovely! I also love the make up...I've decided to start focusing on my eyes too (whatever that means since I still can't apply lashes) and letting the rest be lighter.

And here are my "wouldn't wear it if it were free" styles. I'm a chic and polished kinda girl so I may never learn to appreciate mesh dresses with bathing suits underneath. Then that flesh tone, sequin dress Katy has on is not cute at all. I should say I loved her dress at the EMI party...

all photos courtesy of/stolen from Just Jared