Jun 25, 2010

...& she's at it again

I'm a mama's girl by default but I know deep down I was born to be a daddy's girl...how else could I have perfected the pout? Too sad there's no one on which to unleash the power of the pout lol.

Anyhoo - I only blog this to say: OMG father's day came and went and I did nothing much. Well, nothing actually. I realize I don't like fathers day. Or mothers day. I pretend to because I love my parents, the wonderful people who raised me. I love all moms actually, and some aunts, and cousins, and dads, and ESPECIALLY grandparents. I just think I'm over the concept of all these darn holidays...as each approaches I just think about them and roll my eyes. Overrated. Is this cynicism? If so, please, save me from myself.

I do have a saving grace - I still like birthdays :)