Jan 15, 2010


...particularly on Fridays

Home away from home

Like, seriously.

Humor me?

Red Bean Ice Cream

Yummo! Made from the azuki bean, it is commonly served at Asian restaurants with or without syrup.

Chippies Banana Chips

It must be from Chippies. No other will do. Product of Jamaica. Can also be found in certain West Indian groceries overseas. Also online.


This yellow delicious scrumciousness hails from the Mulberry family and is native to parts of South and Southeast Asia. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh. It grows in my backyard in rural St. Andrew, Jamaica. It is sweet tasting, with a starchy, fibrous flesh which varies in consistency.

love that chicken from Popeye's

I cannot tell a lie.
This is a Friday evening tradition in our home. Oh! You must use the Cajun sweet and sour sauce.

Anne of Green Gables

The Cuthberts, a couple from Avonlea, that were mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of a boy yet decided to keep her. Anne is an imaginative, precocious girl who entertains and endears the reader to her...

One of the best things I spent my early teen years doing. A must read for every young girl. I've read the entire series. Somehow along the way, I lost my books. The plan is to replace and reread. Anne taught me of kindred spirits. I've been using that term ever since, proudly aging myself.