Mar 12, 2010

Fashion critic strikes again...

I will first admit I was studying during the red carpet for the 2010 Academy Awards and slept through the show but as soon as exams, home work, and draft papers were handed in, I made sure to compile my favs. So this is a second hand review :) I'll try to do the gents next time.

I should do Fashion Fridays lol

I'm a Nicole Richie groupie (well, used to be when I had time)...I love her fashion choices and I love this too...beautiful!
Maggie, just looked too fab rocking exactly something I would wear. I mean, the accessories, the dress, I love it all.
I love to see the really fancy and just gorgeous stuff but as you can see, I'd rather wear simpler looks.

Sorry, Diane Kruger, but you're it. Even in Chanel (& I dream of Chanel).
OMG, Zoe, what happened? She usually looks great.
You look fab, Tina!
Mariah is clothed! I don't love the dress but we'll take what we can get. It's like she went from dressing like 15 to 55.
These 2 ladies are usually a steady thumbs up for me. What happened?
I would never wear this dress or recommend it for a friend but gee, doesn't she look fab in it? Jennifer Lopez is my DO for avant garde though some people didn't love it. I think the shape fits her well and doesn't overwhelm.
Vera Formiga is my DON'T for avant garde...too many ruffles. I'm not liking the shape though a lot of folks liked this look. I think pink looks good on most everyone...she must be in the minority. Plus the ruffles aren't very flattering.
But check the ruffles on this dress! Very hot, Elizabeth Banks looooved this!
How to do neutrals? Ask Anna Kendrick's cute!
Rachel McAdams and I have very similar dresses :) I love her dress...looks just like my dress from Niki's wedding. Need I say that she looks fab? And yes, the pattern on her dress is nicer than mine...I'd have gotten that one if I saw it (& could afford). But, I was like 8 months ahead of her in fashion teehee.
* I gave credit to all the photo owners. Click on the actress' names*