Apr 11, 2010

sweet sundays: no more negative Nellie

No matter how positive I am most times, it's funny how I can be the hardest and most negative about the people closest to me. I think sometimes we judge our parents, partners, children, and even ourselves too harshly. Yes, there are things we all need to work on but come on, most of us are pretty good people.

I sat down 2 weeks ago reading a blog written by a single lady immediately proceeding her divorce and as I read the piece I realized I never had to give up any dream when I married. Yes, there is compromise and I'm no professional married person (only 3 years in) but I think I've had my fair share of marital woes. However, this should never prevent me from seeing the great things about my spouse. As a seemingly professional student, I can say I've never been discouraged from pursuing whichever academic program was in my sights. I can just imagine how at odds that would be with my viewpoint on the importance of education. I'm still getting my potential successfulness on :) Also, I attend a seventh-day adventist church and have all my life. However, I'm not a traditional seventh-day adventist...I actually consider myself a plain ole Christian (trust me, this is revolutionary to some in my church). Nothing more. I'm a follower of Christ. I'm sure there are a lot of SDAs who would look at my nail polish and pierced ears askance. Further, some of my eating choices leave plenty to be desired in terms of SDA eating standards. Trust me, a traditional SDA Christian couldn't live with me, lol, but thank goodness he never tries to discourage me and allows me to express my spirituality in a way that is true to me.

Do you miss the brightness in life by allowing the negative and trouble spots to cloud your vision? Make an effort this week to think of the good and positive in those around you. It will increase your appreciation for those around you and brighten your week. It may not be easy but you won't regret it!

Next step? Learning to forgive those who hurt us...but small steps, people, small steps.