Jun 20, 2010

sweet sundays: confession is good for the soul

Sometimes I am embarrassed to say or do things because they aren't popular or aren't the most positive. No more. Life is too short to waste it being insincere. I don't mean you should be rude. Never. I just mean, you have to be true to yourself. I think Oprah says something like that. Live your own truth.

Some of my confessions? Read at your own risk.

1. Blood is not always thicker than water. I don't care what your chemistry teacher said. I've experienced it, so I know it. Sometimes people related to you can be the most poisonous. Give them wide berth.

2. Being cool among "friends" is overrated. I have always been the old fogie among my friends. I relish that. Boring to you, yes, but interesting to someone else. Be you. It is essential.

3. Know-it-alls irritate me. If everything you say and believe is correct, go write a book. I love a good debate or conversation but I don't want to be lectured. I already get that at school.

4. Everyone isn't perfect. I sometimes have too many expectations of people & myself. I have my faults: miserable, opinionated, and sensitive, yes. But I'm also friendly, honest, and kind. Give yourself and everyone else a break, Shumpy!

5. I laugh at people (& often these are inappropriate times to laugh). Yes. Especially when they've been mean and karma is biting back. Or even if they are just having a bad time at it LOL. I don't laugh at kids. Well, to their faces.

6. I abhor weirdness and weird people to the point that I don't care if I'm rude, I don't want to talk to you, see you, or be near you if you're weird. Yup, it is the plague.

7. I love the handful of friends I have like they were sisters of my own heart. Sometimes I downplay the depth of our friendship but that's me being stupid (insert miserable Shumpy here) and fearful of being hurt (insert sensitive Shumpy here). I value them and love them dearly. The handful of them. I've been blessed.

8. I give off the impression that I'm a cool, calm, and collected gal but I'm quite emotional and can be touchy (ask those who've lived with me for any period in time). I also have a stunted range of emotions. Very limited. If you step on the wrong toe, one of three things will occur: cold silence, anger, or tears. Take your pick.

9. People who feel entitled. Not entitled to fair and decent treatment. Entitled to other people kissing their arse and bending over backwards for them. Ewww. No. Me no likey. Those people can take their entitlement and stuff it.

10. I hate bubble busters. Dream killers. This world is dark enough without them. They start talking and I tune out. I belong to team YES I CAN. If you have heart, will power, and God. Yes, you can!

& bonus: I watch to stupidest, most brainless crap on TV sometimes. It's a wonder I have any brain cells left (think Bridezillas (WE TV), Cut Off (VH1) and Real Housewives (BRAVO)).

Feel much lighter now. Wonder if that'll translate into pounds for my summer challenge....your turn to unload!

*Now that you know me (& that I may at one point have laughed at you as you tripped or wobbled in the heels you know weren't made for walking hahaha), you can choose to hang around on polkadots at your own risk ;)