Jan 25, 2010

the number 8!

Why am I loving the number 8 you ask?

I am now back to fitting in size 8 NY & Co work pants *HUGE grin*

That's my dream size. Don't wanna get too small now. I plan to have another reason to love Mr. 8 because you see, before the spring is over I hope to have lost 8 lbs. I think that will make me a comfortable size 8 a.k.a. a size 8 on bloated days *tsk tsk*

Wish me luck!

great weekends

Don't you just hate when you've worked all week on school stuff, work stuff, life stuff, everything and are looking forward to the weekend and it's a bust?! You get into a fuss with your spouse or a friend, or you spend time doing something you'd rather not, or you're sick. Nothing gets to me more. Well, I didn't have one of those *smile*

I feel that a great weekend is the reward for a long, sometimes trying but most times tiring week. This weekend I had great family time, lovely worship, time with friends I hadn't seen in toooooo long, a couple good hair days where my ousted bang made a comeback (lol!) AND a lovely Sunday nap. I am not a daytime sleeper but when I do manage to fall asleep during the daytime, it is always a reward. I must say I did get a parking ticket and I had a run in with a deviant stocking that I bought on Friday and still cannot locate, but the net result was still a fantastic weekend.

Today I'm feeling productive and fresh despite the fact that I'm damp from the rain and was mauled by the 40-plus m.p.h. winds we're having in NYC. I hope and pray my car is not crushed and the lights stay on. The sound the wind is making is scary!

Hope you had a great weekend too! Feel free to share...
"There aren't enough days in the weekend"
Rod Schmidt