Mar 2, 2010


There are levels of rudeness & my reaction varies based on source and intensity.

But let's begin with the positive. A well-mannered person will always get a pleasant response from me.

A rude stranger will almost always be ignored by me. There's a good chance I won't see or speak to you again so who cares? If I do have to speak to the person, it will be short and a mite cutting.

A rude aquaintance gets a biting response or a 'look.'

A rude friend, I'll call out in private. No agreement or response, then I adjust my interaction with that person.

A rude family member who isn't necessarily a friend, gets placed at arms length. Minimal interaction.

I never argue, yell, or go beserk unless the situation is dire. In that case, call the medics.

In all this I try to remember some people may be having a rough day or life though I'll admit I rarely do account for that. There is little excuse for being plain rude.

Current situation? We have a rude neighbor who threatened to call the police which in actuality became a call to some manager/superintendant (who we assume told her to shut up lol) because we were moving after 9 (for 50 minutes) despite this being the fault of the management AND this was explained to her in more detail than necessary. People move once a year at most and it wasn't our fault anyway as we took the day off to move but the management was delinquent and ill-prepared. My reaction to offense 1: I sent a letter to management describing the interaction. I remain open to affable communication in the future. I honestly think she blows hot air and is trying to waste my time. I am not the one to get started with, as she will soon gather. I am highly reactionary and can get cornstarch-y. I plan to wait her out (silent treatment). The other half, kinder half in this instance, plans to kill her with kindness...good mornings galore for the lady. This tickles me some. In truth he senses some lack of purpose and loneliness in an older lady. I empathize and so my letter to management isn't as harsh as it could be.

Anyone else with the consumate neighbor, office mate, or family member? Feel free to vent.



  1. LOL @ cornstarchy. Lady better watch out! I cannot believe people sometimes, and what's worse is the future generations seem to be getting worse and worse. What are we to do?! So glad you're moved in though!

  2. Moving is difficult enough without the drama of asinine neighbors ruining already stressful experiences. I hate drama.

  3. She's been no problem since but I hear her yelling down there