Apr 5, 2010

Howard Drive Chronicles Part I

For now this only has 2 installations. Here's the first.

So there's an elderly lady (early 70s maybe) who lives in the apartment across the parking lot entrance from me (that wasn't helpful lol - she's on one side of the drive, and I'm on the other). The first night I moved in I was trying to park but was unable to drive in because her date was dropping her off and they were necking in the car. YUP! Kissing, caressing, and all! And for so long that I gave up waiting. I don't know why I didn't blow my horn...it was late, and I felt like these 70 year olds kinda deserved their time I guess haha. It was one of those odd moments when you're happy their still young at heart and dating but a tad grossed out because omigoodness, they're 70. So I parked out in front.

Since then I've probably seen them one other time. Saturday, my friends and I are getting lunch ready when I look out and the gentleman has come to pick up his date. When he stepped out to wait for her, he was rocking one of those shirts, flowy with the top buttons open, his gold chain, & a little chest hair action. My friends were in awe. They couldn't fathom that he actually came to pick up my neighbor for a date (& that they were pretty involved) because he was so elderly till they saw my neighbor come out in a cute tee (I promise you I have one just like it) and pants, greet her gentleman caller, and drive off with him. We were all giggling and saying we now have hope...to be 70, dressing up to go out on a date, and necking in our sweetheart's car. Sweet, yes but also a little gross.

I love that they don't give a hoot and are enjoying themselves...who cares what us youngins think? When we're that age we'll be wishing we still had it lol. By the by, he was back yesterday :)


  1. I love it!!! I hope I have that when I'm 30 much less 70 lol oh there is hope out there for all of us

  2. lol...they could teach us a thing or two