Apr 23, 2010

girly fridays: 15 lbs to get rid of

& I'd love to rid myself of them before June....remember that swimsuit?

Well my pal, Vicky and I were supposed to be making plans to lose some weight but "stuff" keeps coming up - yea, we're likely unconsciously avoiding. Well, the time has come. Finals are done next week and come May 3rd, it is ON. Weight is a funny issue. There are people saying I don't need to lose more but ahmmm, yes I do. I don't obsess about my weight and if I seem to, it's not genuine. I just wanna be down to a comfortable weight so I can maintain. I'm tired of trying to lose weight.

So what's my plan?

>>Exercising/gym 3 times per week, every week

>>Drinking water

>>Portion control

>>Healthy snacks in between to prevent starvation eating (a.k.a. overeating) lol

So ladies, what's your summer weight loss plan? I know there are some lucky ladies who don't need a weight loss plan but I'm not one of them.


  1. Thanks for putting me on blast!!!! Yes I'm the Vicky that's she talking about and this has motivated me so when Shar finishes her finals on May 2 our regiments begins

  2. haha...this is all for your good :)