Apr 22, 2010

Who's smokin the strong stuff today? Keri

This is a funny one. Short & sweet. I'm putting my friend (more of a sis) Keri on blast.

Here's the story. Yesterday she had a presentation in one of her rotations (she's in med school). 20 minutes long & graded by her attending. Now tell me why she see's the attending snoozing during her presentation, and says "we can ask Dr. B if he wakes up." LOVE IT. She called out the professor/attending grading her! She now thinks she's gonna fail, of course. I beg to differ. She's crazy, yes (it's def the green stuff she's smoking) but he can't fail her (or even near)...he didn't even hear all she said!

Thank you Keri, though I think you are nuts, THANK YOU for saying exactly what was on your mind. Sometimes, it just needs to be said. LOL!