Mar 28, 2010

sweet sundays: balm for the weary

Taking time out for friends & family - people you love and trust, people who love and trust you - is sweet relief in this world.

Our current society is such a dog eat dog world. You never know people's real motive, you're always going going going like an energizer bunny just to stay afloat, and no matter how many hours are in a day, you feel like nothing gets accomplished. Well, except exhaustion.


Drop the book or magazine, close the work or school document, drop the vacuum, turn off the computer. Give a friend or family member a call, snuggle up to your honey and watch a comedy, have dinner at the abandoned dining room table, or even send a "howdy" text message. Always make time for the people around you who mean the most to you. The ones who show up for you, not because they have something to gain or prove, but because they want to support you. Being around people you love & trust is the best food for the soul. These are the things that really matter in this crazy, messed up world. If you spend time doing that this week, you would have gained something invaluable - a connection with love - you would have gained a bout of good, positive energy that no amount of work, cleaning, school, or surfing the net could accomplish.

~Have a blessed week~

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