Mar 29, 2010

Road trip :)

Guess where I was this weekend? On a road trip to Washington, D.C. to see my mommy :) Was feeling so out of it...groggy, tired, stuffy, just a feeling of malaise. Dunno why. Anyhow, we got there (no thanks to me). Hugh co-piloted, Raf drove, and I slept in the back complaining of being cold (though the heat was cranked..think I had a low grade fever). Saturday was good. Drove out to Alexandria, VA for church, then had lunch at the food court adjacent to the hotel, walked about town a bit (snapped pics and such) then did a small bit of shopping (mom). We were supposed to then take advantage of the indoor pool but everyone fell off to sleep...we didn't enjoy the pool till the Sunday morning and only for a small bit. We also watched The Black Stallion, this 1980s movie about an Arabian horse and a young boy on Sunday. Not bad...we all liked it. Perfect Sunday morning entertainment. Then we were off (with a short stop at Ren's place). The ride back was much better. I was up most of the time but as we hit NJ, I couldn't keep my eyes open. Some co-pilot. I do much better when I'm driving. Promise.

The White House, March 27 2010

I got some good pics of the White House this time. Last time we went by here, it was dark and we were exhausted. Hugh got to see some of the nations capital. Not in much detail but he'll be back for Ren's graduation most likely. We walked by the National Monument and toward the Lincoln Memorial and through parts of the National Mall. Mom was appalled at the amount of dog feces on the grass lol.

Mom & 2 of her children - ya, she's sporting a kick ass fro :)

& last but not least...

Be still my beating heart! These cherry blossoms! They were all over and everyone was having their fill. This weekend happened to be the beginning of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The hotel had a bunch of arrangements in the lobby that smelled divine. I have so many pics of them, it is ridic!

Great weekend - thanks for reading!


  1. Aww, what a sweet family picture! I'm glad you're feeling better now...

  2. Thanks my family :) I'm feeling much better, tho not 100%