Mar 26, 2010

girly fridays: parting is such sweet sorrow

I am absocrazily in love with shoes.

So last night I was going through my closet looking for pairs of shoes I've bought, and never worn or wore once and will never wear again to give my mom this weekend. We wear the same size shoes and so she benefits from my fickle shopping habits. Besides, Raf seems to gain pleasure from me paring down my shoe collection (I know mom does). I wonder if men understand that our shoes are like food...essential. Anyhoo, I happened upon a pair of shoes I absolutely positively adore. I haven't worn them since 2005 but there is NO WAY I'd give them away. I just haven't found another perfect outfit for them. Just seeing them makes me smile.
Do you have any old favorites in your closet you just couldn't bear to part with??


  1. Send some shoes my way! LOL! How are you doing? Miss ya! I'm gonna surprise you one day with a call!

  2. haha! I keep forgetting you're my shoe twin too :) I can't's not easy but I'm blessed! We need to catch up on Ja. You owe me pics lady!