Feb 5, 2010

how dare they?!

I cannot believe they're canceling my Ugly Betty ::insert indignant outrage here::

ABC is blaming it on poor ratings but why on earth do they keep moving the show???? How will people watch the darn show on a Friday night. Everyone is out. Most partying and people like me are at choir practice but I still DVR'ed it. Then all of a sudden it got kicked to Wed at like 10 or sometime everyone's trying to head to bed. Boohoo! Let me just say, that is how they killed Christina Applegate's Samantha Who? When you get moved to Friday night, you are on your way o.u.t. OUT!

I watch such little TV that this is a huge dent. Thank goodness I discovered Biggest Loser last season or else I'd be dumping the major networks in favor of prime time TV in Food Network, HGTV, Bravo, and GSN. There's abs nothing else I watch on the big 4 (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) - well, outside of Oprah, who is now also done after this season, and news. Oh! I forgot abt Dancing w the Stars (but that's booooring now).


  1. Agreed. I am very, very sad. I think it's a very clever show and I'm totally disappointed.

  2. I hate it when a show I love gets moved to Friday. I just know that I might as well stop watching. So sad, I'm sorry your beloved Betty is getting cancelled. :(

  3. It's like characters in books I love. I hate when it ends because their story dies :( (still looking for Midnight Sun Ms. Meyer)