Feb 4, 2010


I was never the cool kid but I never really thought of myself as old-fashioned...I may reconsider.

This morning I was walking in to work from the bus terminal and a bunch of about 5 boys walk by me. Based on their height (to about my armpits) I'll guess they're about 8 or 9 years old. They are clearly engrossed in their convos and heading to school and I hear them talking about "them bitches." Now, excuse me, but when I was that age neither me nor my friends were saying that word in private. Not to mention in the presence of adults, walking in public, and chattering loudly. Would never happen. No one in the group looked befuddled either, like, "ohmigoodness, Ralph's* so cool since he said that word." It was like nothing big happened. I should say even at 27 I still choose heck over hell, crap over shit, and wth over wtf in my day to day convo so I know I'm a little, shall we say reserved? Even typing those made me cringe just a little. In any case, I didn't realize my day to day curse vocab, which is apparently stuck in the 80s, would be surpassed by that of a 3rd grader...

*clearly a made-up name

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