Feb 5, 2010

green/black thumbs

This poor thing used to belong to me. Over a year ago, I managed to kill it and my co-worker revived it. Now it's dying again and we don't know why. We're hoping it is the growing cycle. In anycase, my co-worker dug it out, irrigated the soil, gave it warm water (that's supposed to help), and trimmed it down to its skivvies.

Let's all hope it makes it. I don't know how I plan to garden orchids if I can't take care of house plants. I currently have a lovely houseplant combo on my desk that was a birthday gift which I'm working really hard to keep green.


  1. I have no green thumb either, sadly. I would LOVE to plan orchids though! We can dream, right???

  2. I dream no more...I already have carpetscaping (yea, no yard yet lol) plans in my apt for my orchids. We'll see how that goes.