Apr 20, 2010

Howard Drive Chronicles Part III

So me and crazy neighbor haven't been getting on any better.

Then Sunday happened and now I "owe" her ::long sigh::

We left Hugh home with our lone set of apt keys (yea, bad idea to have only one set) to go run errands. We were out for a few hours. But I called him about 45 minutes before I got home and spoke to him. All is well. When we finally get home and need him to open the door, would he pick up phone or answer doorbell?????? I called and called and called then buzzed and buzzed and buzzed. Nothing. So Raf heads around back to throw a stone up (yes, desperation set in after about 10 full ring phone calls) and I keep at my calling and buzzing.

Door opens. It's the neighbor. Great. She let's me in and get it, I ask her to bang on the ceiling to rouse my brother ::dies:: Anyway, he finally hears something (stone or banging on door) and opens the door before neighbor can bang. He was in the shower. Clearly having a spa day/moment. So, I graciously thank neighbor (what's a girl to do?).

So I'm telling K the story and I'm all like, great, now I owe my neighbor or something (I vote for something). K gladly reminds me it won't be long until she doesn't something nutty again. Then we can call it even. I'm actually looking forward to the next ceiling bang (not really).


  1. Yes, I wouldn't worry too much that something else will happen to even things out. Poor thing, hopefully her crazy will even out soon.

  2. Oh boy the Howard Drive Chronicles are the best....

  3. Actually nothing has evened out...she's back to crazy, Surprise surprise.