Mar 10, 2010

Let it go

Most of us have difficulty admitting true feelings, and expressing them to ourselves and to others. We hide our true feelings - sadness, anger, hurt, resentment - by joking, being snobbish, or introverted, or even just ignoring them. Although the defense may be successful at masking the emotions, the hurt and anger remains. Hiding our true feelings and emotions give them power. They are roadblocks to our true joy.

I encourage us all to deal with our feelings and not just lay them it out, meditate, pray, read an inspirational text, exercise. The solution depends on the depth and degree of the feelings, of course but whatever you do, deal with them. It is good to get rid of negative feelings that crowd your heart and mind. Fill that space with solutions, lessons, and positive behavior and attitudes. I feel there are too many external stressors in this world - work, finance, school, car, house, etc - for us not to have inner peace, and develop healthy mechanisms to cope.

Life is too lonely in a box with all that negative around you. Get rid of it and open up with a smile!

"Say you just can't live that negative way...make way for the positive day."
Bob Marley

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