Mar 16, 2010

blog etiquette?

Something happened last week and I was a tiny bit affronted.

Here's a quick synopsis: while blog browsing a couple weeks ago I happened upon a blog that I liked and decided to follow. This week, I go back and check and the blog author has made it private. Now, I know it is always the author's decision whether to share or restrict their content (I have private and public blogs...private blog is defunct) & I realize that some followers are stranger-friends. But don't you think it's a little rude to just make your blog private without a word to your followers? All the public bloggers I know want people to read their blogs and most appreciate followers. So I think it's a tad out of order to just privatize without notice.

Don't worry faithful readers (lol, yes you lonely few) if I ever feel the need to privatize my blog, I will at a minimum let you know. I hereby do solemnly promise that I am aware this is a public blog & heretofore have authored my posts accordingly to prevent any such occurrence.

Anyhoo, point is, it got me thinking about a thing called blog etiquette...does it even exist and what is it? I didn't ever think too much about it till that day. Well, if there ever becomes a rule book on this blog thing, I have one to add to the list:

#1. Don't diss your followers. One day you have out the welcoming mat, and the next day, you pull it from under them without warning...not cool (though I must admit it gets the point across very clearly lol).

My fellow bloggers had a few more for my list:

#2. Anonymous/non-public rude comments (My take: I've seen mean verbal sparring on blogs. I don't like it. I'm from the school of say everything with respect. You can respectfully disagree without name calling and dooming people and their families to death or lifelong ugliness. I hope those less evolved folk stay away from these parts)
#3. Asking for comments, then not reading or replying to them (My take: a tad guilty but I try esp when a question is asked)
#4. Bloggers with blog ego...they don't need anymore plebeian followers since they're riding the 500+ wave and as such no longer feel the need to solicit readers/followers by faking interest in other blogs (My take: lol...I think we should give these bloggers a break because if they're collecting followers like people collect FB friends just for the heck of it, the net may be an ideal place for them...I love love love my followers but will take real friends over stranger-friend followers any day)

Is there any thing in the blogosphere that gets your goat?

*Since the contributing bloggers did not give me approval to name them (& they're from my alternate blog life), they shall remain nameless*

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