Mar 15, 2010

I survived a hurricane...

in Jersey this weekend & it was scary. Seriously.

Saturday, there were winds of up to 60 mph, and torrential downpours. We lost power for a bit, but luckily (unlike the rest of our town) we got it back...there was only one block of our town with electricity & thank God it was ours. Everywhere was pitch black, the wind was howling and shaking the windows, tree limbs were down, street signs were down, traffic lights were out, trash cans were banging, there was blue & red was really like something from the movies. I thought my car was going to get blown away (even checked if the hand brake was up). On Sunday I saw broken windows in buildings, entire trees downed, many places still didn't have electricity, and folks don't have running water.

I'll be glad to never experience the wrath of mother nature again anytime soon.

Checked the news this morning and 2 men died on Saturday a town over from me (literally about 5 minutes). They were killed by a falling tree as they walked home from a religious service. May their souls rest in peace.


  1. OMG. I had no idea it was that bad! That is so scary. Remember when we had the hurricane weather and it killed our fence? Looks A LOT like that and it was terrifying!