Jun 10, 2010

Howard Drive Chronicles Part IV

IT IS OVER! After 2 letters to management, and numerous phone calls, freedom. What is freedom? A bigger kitchen & sun room & a tension free, quiet night (one of many).

I should update the last chronicle by saying, the I owe her thing didn't last long...she was back to yelling, slamming, banging, and carrying on in short time. Not necessarily at me (she isn't particular). How wild can one person be? Especially one with a young, impressionable child. I guess this is how people like my neighbor are raised...by crass, angry, poisonous people. The cycle continues. Hog & goat indeed. I leave her to people with time and energy to waste. I'm trying to do so many things right now, I don't have the time or energy.

Sorry to say this is the end of this saga. That's the one sad thing. Let's see if I get anymore entertainment. If so, I promise to share.

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