May 24, 2010

Harder they come...

This diet is harder than I thought. Summertime was not the best choice.

I did pretty well last week but the weekend was horrid. I even made Oreo cheesecake bars...who does that on a diet? At least I only had one. I leave the rest to the skinny minnies. Even though my eating wasn't so good, I did go to the gym 4 times. Not too shabby. This week I can only make 3, so I don't know if there's weight loss hope for me next week.

So get to the point Shumpy. Ok, ok. I lost a whopping 1 lb LOL. I feel like one of those biggest loser contestants trying to break a barrier. Most of them are trying to get under 300 lbs or 200 lbs - things aren't so rough with me but if I could do another 5 lbs off, I'd be somewhat content.

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