Apr 1, 2010


Have you been watching/reading the news?

Health Reform Takes Angry, Violent Turn - barbaric...I guess democracy is only for a select segment of the population. Here's more.

What exactly are they so violently angry about?

->That insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to children due to preexisting conditions?
->That we would dare spend $940 billion to cover 32 million uncovered Americans (largely the working poor and lower class, or is it that we think the uninsured are majority homeless and bums?) who we currently pay for ANYWAY via safety net or higher premiums at higher costs?
->Is it upsetting that promoting the proper use of the health care system (preventive care) will reduce high cost emergency room visits?
->Maybe it is the additional dental coverage? Missing work and school due to dental pain makes perfect sense in a developed nation.
->Oooo, I know. It is the tax hike to the insurance companies offering the super pricey Cadillac plans! Which, by the way has been revised. Or maybe the increased Medicare takes on families making more than $250,000. & don't you for a second think that I don't care because that won't affect me. I plan for it to affect me (sooner than later hopefully).
->Maybe they're upset that kids in school can now have access to medical insurance via their parents till 26...this group is generally the healthiest, lowest costing group to cover.
->Does anyone realize that this bill does not extend coverage to illegal aliens OR change any abortion payment laws/regulations currently in place? States can choose to ban abortion in the health insurance exchanges, and individuals purchasing insurance via the exchanges will have to make their own choice (oh, now I'm gonna get struck by lightening since God doesn't permit free will) regarding abortions & will have to fund it via personal finances.


I get that some people don't like the bill. Everyone has a right to their opinion and they should be able to say that they don't like it BUT what's with the violence? threats? I am pretty confident that anyone threatening lives and shooting buildings up over this are idiots to the nth degree. This is the same system that's been working since 1776. As is blatantly obvious, it doesn't always work well. But if the opinion is that it isn't working, I don't think we should resort to barbarism. There is no reason for us all to look wild and stupid.

I hate to sound like I think this bill is coming up daisies, because it isn't. It is going to cost money, and require adjustment. At the moment I'm a broke grad student whose co-pay is on a steady increase, and whose benefits are on the decrease BUT there is something known as gross and net benefit. I would rather a net benefit.

Anyway, let's have a wooooosah moment and think of better times.

Oh, happy April Fool's...how apropos

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