Mar 21, 2010

sweet sundays: having faith

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

That is something I used to recite almost weekly at my home church. I thought I knew what faith was. Believing in God, an essence, a being I could not see. I mean, of course that is a part of having faith. But as I grew older and life seemed to slip more and more out of my control, I learned the true essence of faith. I learned that to have faith is to believe there is a divine plan for my life and that God was in charge of it, not me. The less of life we can control, the more of it we have to place in the hands of our Father.

Friends, family, and loved ones have disappointed me, I have times of self-doubt, and even the everyday motions of life sometimes are hard to handle. It is at these times in my life I see human limitations and God's amazing ability. I never knew I'd be one of those persons who could testify that I literally did not know how I'd survive the week or day, or a difficult life situation, but I learned to let go and I'm here aren't I? It is truly amazing what God can do and what he can take you through! Life's still not quite a walk in the park but I continue to rely on His plan for my life and worry no more.

I encourage you to leave the situations that distress you the most in God's hands, knowing that He will take care of you. I don't guarantee it'll be an answer you'll love, but I do guarantee that if you stick with Him, whatever He has in store for you will only make your life better. He knows what's best for you!

Sweet sundays will not always have a religious topic (but there's nothing sweeter than my daily decision to make Jesus my choice!)

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