Mar 19, 2010

girly fridays: fountain of youth

I'm already letting it slip my mind that I'm all of 27 - the 30 side of 20 I call it. As I approach the big 3-0, I am trying to prep myself. I really want to embrace my age BUT not look it :)

I can be lazy about moisturizing, staying off those box/bottle juices, and keeping up with my diet (not weight loss diet - I don't do those, just my daily diet). But I really need to up my game. So, ladies (& gents) here goes healthy body 2010 & looking our best!

My most important concern right now is skin care. Right now, for my body I use Eucerin moisturizing cream, and for my face cetaphil to cleanse, and Natures Gate vitamin E oil to moisturize. On the rare days I do a mask I use a cucumber peel off mask. I love masks that peel off.
I want to really amp this regimen up. I want my skin to glow! I don't do foundations or concealers so these little things matter. So I've been on a little research expedition - I loooove researching hair and skin products :) I think I have found some tips that I'm gonna implement (there's a ton more out there, trust me) to help improve my should consider them:

1. ALOE VERA. I can hear my grandmother saying I told you so! This plant should be no stranger to many of us. In Ja we grew up drinking this, using it on burns, etc. I actually use 100% aloe vera gel in my hair vs the manufactured stuff (I recommend it!). Aloe Vera is moisturizing. You can use it in cream form, as a toner/astringent, a cleanser, or as a mask.

2. MINIMIZE CHEMICAL EXPOSURE. I know those anti-aging products look great and all the promises about looking younger faster sound tempting but you know what they say about short cuts...then we have all the canned food, bottled juices, etc...we can't hide from the preservatives and chemicals so as far as is possible we should try to infuse our diet with vegetables (the darker the color, the better), fruits, grains, natural juices, and natural fats/oils. Also, if you can make some of your facial masks/products, or purchase hypoallergenic or natural products for your skin do that also (see #5).

3. WATER. Need I say more? But seriously, water definitely keeps your skin healthy, and rids the body of toxins.

4. EXERCISE. This is not only to lose weight but also to keep your body limber, your muscles toned, and your heart healthy :)

5. NATURAL MASKS. There are a ton of natural products that can help our skin look great and stay healthy (& young looking). As I researched I became very interested in these natural diy facial masks. As a result, I have borrowed a few to try and use. So I don't get carried away, I'm gonna stick with a few basic ingredients and recipes and really see how they work with my skin.

>>lemon, grapefruit, and orange juices (citric acid) for oily skin
>>honey, milk, and coconut oil to energize your skin cells
>>avocado (vitamins, A, B, and E & more!) as an anti-oxidant
>>egg yolks contain lecithin which can combat dry skin and eczema
>>milk, blackberries, tomatoes (lactic acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), apple and pears (malic acid), grapes (tartaric acid) , citric acid, and papaya all contain alpha hydroxy acids (used in chemical peels) and they help strip layers of dead skin cells, prevent spots, and rejuvenate the skin
>>honey is a humectant (traps & seals moisture) and will make your skin soft (I use it in all my conditioners)
>>oatmeal contains proteins, natural cleansers, and lubricating fats that rid the skin of dirt, dryness, and irritation

As I try different mask recipes, I'll share based on what works best for me.

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