Feb 11, 2010

winter wonderland

It snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday. Hugh got to see his first snow storm. Most of the time he was like, what on earth is this and when is it gonna stop? Then he was initiated into the chore no Jamaican has to deal with - shoveling snow. I think it was overwhelming for him lol. First pic was taken in the morning when it just began to snow. Beautiful. No matter how inconvenient and cold winter is, snow storms always look so serene.

Enjoying his first snow...

Still falling at about 7 pm

The fall out after shoveling...great exercise. I got all kinds of muscle aches. Feels great! I wanted to make a snowman during the day but Hugh was looking at me like I was missing screws. In the city, the sidewalks are a beast! I mean, there are garbage trucks collecting snow, front loaders pounding the ice on the sidewalks so people can shovel. But as always NYC goes on...the pigeons (my friends. NOT) are still walking and blocking the way, and there still had to be at least one diva rocking breakyourbehind shoes.


  1. I would LOVE to see NY in the snow. Lovely. And you shush about the pidgeons. They're pretty. :)

  2. Come back in the wintertime!

    Pretty pigeons, huh? Well, I guess even disease carrying, poop splattering, window scratching, annoying NYC pigeons need someone to love 'em. I guess.

  3. Hugh isn't embracing the full experience, man! C'mon HUGH!!!

  4. Looks like you and Hugh were having a blast!! I hate the cold, but I really truly love the snow! I wanna come in the wintertime.