Feb 18, 2010

mail rage

It just took me over 45 minutes to mail a single solitary letter from Washington Heights, NY. Right there on 165th and Audubon.

First of all, they open at 7 am but start window services at 9 am. Smart. Then the postal workers who are to conduct window services don't come in until 9! So at 9am the only window that has started business is the passport window. Then they're bickering and complaining to their boss about I don't know what. I mean crying first thing in the morning kind of anger. So after the workers sort out their issues, they SLOWLY starting getting the till and stuff they need to start working. Great. Late, disgruntled, unproductive workers. I got there early (before 9 because I didn't realize there were half open post offices around), was third in line and even though they had 3 people working at the mail related windows, it took 20 minutes from the time they finally started working to mail my letter. WOOOSAHHHH. It would be remiss of me not to mention that the guy who dealt with me was rather friendly. I could have punched the smile off his face at that point though.

I am NEVER going back to this post office. Never. Did I mention the bulletproof glass between the customers and the workers? One heck of a contraption which is clearly telling me to stay away. Hint taken.
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  1. Sometimes I think "going postal" refers more to how postal workes make US feel...

  2. That bullet proof glass is a sign that they KNOW the service crappy!